About Us

Hofer Cleaning LLC is a locally owned and operated professional commercial cleaning company in Sioux Falls. We have proudly been cleaning businesses in our community for over 23 years. What started as residential cleaning part time has evolved into a full time commercial and new construction cleaning in Sioux Falls. We are your local experts for janitorial cleaning in Sioux Falls. We understand the importance of building relationships not only with our staff but with our customers as well. That is the focus of our company as we strive to provide extraordinary customer service and exceptional quality in every job we do. We want to thank all of our customers, employees and businesses for the positive support over the last 23 years.

Hofer Cleaning LLC was founded by Lynette Hofer and has been a family run Sioux Falls cleaning business ever since. This company was started because of a mother who wanted to work, but also wanted to be at home with her kids as much as possible. She wanted to do something that was family friendly and allowed her to be at the kids activities, send the kids off to school, be home after school and the ability to be home when they were sick. One day Lynette decided to start a residential cleaning business. Lynette and a friend handed out 1,000 flyers door to door and the rest is history. Referrals began to come in and Hofer Cleaning was in business.

For 15 years, Hofer Cleaning LLC was primarily a residential cleaning company. Today we have switched gears and are primarily focused on commercial cleaning in Sioux Falls and new construction cleaning projects. We have grown to a team of 8 employees that we value very much. Our team works hard every day to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and providing quality work. Without them we would not be a success.

As Lynette's children have grown and the Sioux Falls community has expanded, the focus of the company has changed dramatically. Now our focus is on building relationships not only with our staff, but with our customers and the community. We are strong supporters of small businesses and organizations in Sioux land and look forward to growing even more with the community. We know our success is due to our exceptional team in providing dependable quality service and practicing excellent customer service daily in every job we do. If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Sioux Falls for your business, contact Hofer Cleaning LLC for all your janitorial needs!

The difference between ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Extraordinary’ is just that little ‘Extra’!

Lynette Hofer - Hofer Cleaning LLC